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Experience the authentic coffee
flavours & traditions of Africa

Special Blends & Single Origins

Photo Tour

Take a look at some of the photos from previous tours we've run and the sustainable, ethically run family farms in Africa from which we source our unique and flavourful coffee beans.


About Ameru

Premium Quality Coffee from Ethically Run Farms

The word Ameru references the culture and people native to the slopes of Mount Kenya. This rich coffee growing region is the birthplace of our founder, Abdallah Ndwala, who grew up in a traditional coffee farming family before migrating to Sydney, Australia, and becoming a celebrated chef and hospitality entrepreneur. At Ameru, we supply top quality coffee directly from sustainably and ethically run farms in Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Tanzania to employ fair trade practices and support sustainable agriculture. We operate a transparent “crop to cup” bean sourcing model aimed at empowering African farmers and developing the next generation of passionate, entrepreneurial baristas and cafe owners from among the African diaspora. Abdallah brings to Ameru Coffee a tireless focus on uncompromising quality and maximised social impact. Ameru Coffee International, We are the best coffee beans suppliers reknown for our variety.

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Buddy Kit, our Coffee Machine/Grinder partner

Buddy offers flexible equipment rental options ranging from 1 to 5 years for new and used coffee machines and grinders

Buddy Kits

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